Mandy and Tony

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Our Story

Mandy and Tony met in March 2018 through an online dating app. Brand new to online dating, Mandy sent Tony a "heart" because his profile picture featured an irresistibly adorable screech owl perched on his shoulder. Thankfully, Mandy reached out when she did. When Tony logged onto the website to close his online dating account, he saw her heart and immediately responded. Mandy and Tony met in person one week later. Their shared love for rocks and soils (science!), hiking, biking, camping, dogs, yoga, and quiet time in the outdoors was undeniable. So much so that they spent the first two hours of their first date planning their lives together. Tony met Mandy's 12-lb mutt Frankie later that evening, and he was hooked. (Thanks, Frank!) The two...err three...spent lots of time together in the following months. Mandy and Tony became legal domestic partners in December 2018.

Mandy and Tony welcomed their daughter, Gaia Zoe Gesualdo, into the world on June 2, 2020. Gaia has brought endless joy and many life lessons, as Mandy and Tony learned to become parents in the middle of a global pandemic. Gaia adds an extra layer of fun to the family's outdoor adventures and daily laughs.

Mandy and Tony were engaged on April 23, 2022, Tony's birthday. Tony proposed at the Crowley Lake Columns, a beautiful geologic anomaly. (Bonus points to Tony for combining romance and science!) As shown in the photo above, Gaia was unimpressed with the proposal and continued digging beach sand. Mandy and Tony are excited to gather friends and family to celebrate their whirlwind romance in the stunning Sierra Nevada Mountains near the couple's home in Reno, Nevada, which is just a stone's throw from Lake Tahoe.